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    Benefits You Save

    • Fuel

      We deliver fuel using highly secure transportation which helps us to deliver a precise amount of fuel and also minimizes the chances of fuel theft.
    • Money & Manpower

      You will be receiving the fuel at your preferred location; hence there is no extra wastage of your fuel to go to the Fuel station. In the long term, you will be saving a lot of money.
    • Time

      Save a lot of time as there is no need to drive to the fuel station and wait for your turn in queues.
    • Geo-Fencing

      Receive the exact quantity of fuel at ONLY your preferred location.
    • Online Billing

      You will get an automated printed slip for your order which helps in reducing manual errors.
    • Track Your Order

      Once your order is out for delivery, you can trace it live to know about its exact location.

    We enhances Reliability & Efficiency while reducing labor costs.

    Gone are the days when one has to go to the fuel station to refuel. Now you can get the fuel at your doorsteps without the hassle of fuel station queuing. is all set to deliver diesel fuel to any part of your city. Why waste your time at fuel station queuing which also makes you vulnerable to the virus in this time of the pandemic, let us deliver your fuel, right where you want.

    Sectors We Serve

    • Mobile Towers
      Mobile Towers
    • Manufacturing & Mining Industries
      Manufacturing & Mining Industries
    • Office Buildings
      Office Buildings
    • Construction Sites
      Construction Sites
    • Earth Moving Equipments & Gensets
      Earth Moving Equipments & Gensets
    • Hotels
    Fuel Can

    About Us

    Who we are?

    The **FUEL ON CLICK ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED** has been established to achieve the goal of 100% Diesel Door to Door Delivery, first in Delhi NCR and then all around India. In 2019, the amendment to the petroleum regulations has allowed the doorstep delivery of diesel which has opened various opportunities.

    Why Fuelonclick ?

    Sold every day in the world

    We aim to implement an ecosystem of door delivery of diesel where everyone will be receiving their fuel at their doorsteps with maximum safety and excellent quality.

    Benefits :  Saves time and money / No Risk of Fuel theft / Safe Distancing

    Only clean fuel, Enhance

    your machine's efficiency

    Fuel quality is one of the main factors which have a markable impact on machine efficiency. Clean fuels do not cause any pollution, are best to use for a better life a machine as it reduces fuel consumption and extends the engine life. Conventional Fuels are a little difficult to burn as they contain lower levels of octane. This results in improper combustion which causes damage to the engine and the exhaust system. In this process, some of the unburned fuel is also get lost in the form of exhaust. However, clean fuels have high octane levels, and the fuel burns properly inside the engine cylinders. Due to the proper combustion of the fuel (which is comparably more of Clean Fuels) inside the cylinders, the engine runs smoothly, and almost there is no loss of the fuel in the form of exhaust. In the long term, you will be saving a lot of money which otherwise you have to waste on your timely machine servicing.

    Our mission:

    Increasing efficiency for small, medium, and enterprise by smart online Diesel delivery all over the India

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    Our Process

    Get Diesel Delivered To Your Doorstep

    Avoid the hassle of having to physically visit petrol pumps for your fuel needs.

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      Step 1

      Choose quantity of diesel required and the delivery location of your choice

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      Step 2

      Sign up with your contact details and address to set up your account in less than a minute.

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      Step 3

      Choose quantity of diesel required and the delivery location of your choice

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      Step 4

      While diesel gets delivered right to your doorstep

    Happy clients say about us


    Dalveer chauhan
    Top Manager

    I have been taking services from Fuel on click for my Bhagwati transport. They have a highly-skilled team and listen to the needs and demands of clients really well. I am highly satisfied with the performance and services of the staff. Looking forward to doing more business with them in the future.

    Mahender Singh
    Business Owner

    One of the best services by Fuel On Click with high transparency and security. I am now receiving high-quality and full quantity diesel from Fuel On Click Energy Pvt Ltd.

    Payal Singh

    Fuel On Click Energy Pvt Ltd is a great option to have Diesel delivered straight to your doorstep. I have a great experience with this.