Leveraging decades of experience in the oil industry, we at FuelOnClick, have the potential to provide exclusive consultancy services to the fuel retailers who wish to become fuel entrepreneurs. This one-of-a-kind opportunity allows the oil retailers to manage the largest disruption in the oil industry – diesel doorstep delivery. The mobile browsers need to supplement the petrol pumps, thus, changing the overall realm of fuel procurement.

How Does FuelOnClick Works?

The top-notch oil marketing companies depend on Expressions of Interest or EOIs to register the startups as fuel entrepreneurs and offer diesel doorstep delivery services. The startups sign a contract with the oil companies down the road for ten years, renewable afterward.

What Fuel On Click Has To Offer?

If you are a petroleum trader, petrol pump dealer, petroleum transporter, or a business owner wanting to be an integral part of this dynamic industry since time immemorial – we have customizable solutions ready for you.

Our consultancy offers all-inclusive project support from initial conception to final fruition. We help prospective fuel entrepreneurs set up a company, create bowsers, and design an online platform to promote the services, partner with other oil companies and dealers, and attract new clients from all over the country.

Do not miss out on this chance to make the most of the growing market. Join India’s energy growth, join FUEL ON CLICK ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED!

Fuel On Click Consultation Includes

  1. Helping you to set up a LLP or PVT LTD company.
  2. Filing as a startup with the Industrial Policy and Promotion Department.
  3. Creating Fuel On Click bowsers as needed for the diesel delivery services.
  4. Access to the app made by Fuel on Click, with an user-friendly interface ensures easy acceptance of diesel orders, takes care of payments and billing, manages operations through bowser movement tracking, etc.
  5. Establishing partnerships with the petrol pumps or/and oil marketing businesses for better product supply.
  6. Securing and coordinating financial support with banks.
  7. Support in online marketing activities for actively promoting diesel doorstep deliveries.

FAQs On Partner Programs

Online Fuel delivery has a big in the future as it saves a lot of time. The FuelOnClick partner program openly invites all to become our partners to boost their profits. Along with that, you get to use our digital platform for an increase in leads and get more clients.

At the time of closure of each quarter, the commission is distributed among partners.

Once the partnership request is approved, a partnership agreement is signed to assure the partnership.

FuelOnClick does not charge any membership fee for its partners.

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