FuelOnClick provides a safe platform for petroleum products – the dealers can supply, and the end-users can purchase and receive diesel at the doorstep without any hassle. The evolution of the market and transparent approach has allowed door-to-door services to become a constant requirement. Our chief mission is to change the way people procure diesel and other associated products by increasing their reach and availability. The terms and conditions of FuelOnClick and the privacy policy determine our relationship with the customers. If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions, please refrain from registering and walk away from the website immediately.


FuelOnClick aims to refuel at a stipulated time and location. The premium technology and interaction persuade us to preserve our pace and modify the user interface. The terms and conditions are subject to change, removal, and addition without warning. If you wish to continue using our digital platforms, you must adhere to these amendments under all circumstances. Make sure to return to the web page every few days to monitor the latest version of the terms and conditions cautiously.

Unauthorized Access

To complete the registration process through the website or application, you must provide correct, accurate, and updated details. The customer or dealer must offer an identity proof of its principal offers or the registration proof of an entity – whether a multinational corporation, partnership firm, society proprietorship, and association. In case of failures, it would be perceived as unauthorized access, and you would not be allowed to use the services. FuelOnClick can terminate your account, password, or use of the digital platforms. You must inform Fuel On Click if anyone is using your cell phone or computer illegally or breach of security. We would not be liable for any of your losses. If you disagree with the terms, please stay away. Fuel On Click has the right to restructure, suspend, or withdraw the website, interface, or application.

Application Stores

Fuel On Click’s application can be easily downloaded from third-party stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To use the application or associated services, you must follow all the terms and conditions of the third party. Fuel on Click would not be responsible for infringement or violation of the third party rights, terms, and conditions related to the app’s access, download, or installation.


It would help if you ensured that the products, services, or data available through Fuel On Click’s website meet your specific needs before investing in the same. Fuel On Click lets users access through a mobile number, which is then verified by a one-time password. By utilizing our services, you provide us with the permission to contact you via text message or/and communication mediums. FuelOnClick collects, stores, and uses data by complying with the privacy policy. FuelOnClick offers an estimate of the total price, which would be a part of the final invoice created by the dealer.


The end-user must warrant that he/she would not provide wrong or misleading information through or to Fuel On Click’s platform. He/she must not take part in forwarding sales, confirm the quantity and quality of the product before delivery, and pay the cost, delivery charges, and additional taxes. The dealer needs to adhere to the laws necessary for supplying the product at a customer’s doorstep. He/she must never supply poor material, maintain absolute transparency about their details, and follow safety standards during the deliveries.

Quantity and Quality Check

The end-user can request quality tests from the dealer before accepting the delivery. The quality test is the density test of the fuel.

Quantity can be checked through a five-liter jar calibrated by the measure and weights department. It must be the user’s responsibility to check the quality and quantity of the fuel. FuelOnClick would not be answerable to quantity and quality problems and disputes between the end customer and dealer.


The end-user has to pay for the services, delivery, and product ordered as per the prevalent price. The Indian Government adjusts the price. FuelOnClick may charge the dealer and customer separately. In case of refusal, the services would be terminated. If an invoice is not issued, the end-user would not be liable to pay anything to the dealer.


Insurance is the sole responsibility of a dealer. The dealer needs to closely observe the whole activity and the diverse aspects such as burglary, theft, natural calamities, fire, riots, unrest, and medical emergencies, which can hamper product supply and transportation. The dealer needs to take care of expenses on his own. He must ensure that such activities will never incorporate the eventuality that is caused due to neglect on the part of the end customers.


On violating any of the terms and conditions or protocols specified by FuelOnClick or applicable under the law, your relationship with FuelOnClick will be terminated right away. FuelOnClick may also terminate your accounts at a stipulated period because they deemed it convenient. They are not bound to provide any reason.

Data Charges

The end-user is responsible for the mobile charges inflicted when using the services, including the data charges for the service or/and updates or new versions of the services. It would help if you talked to the network provider about any costs, including data charges that may be imposed on you before you have even started using the services. FuelOnClick is concerned about fuel deliveries but not about the money you have to spend on data for procuring Fuel On Click’s services.

Governing Law

The above terms and conditions, privacy policy, and any liabilities and obligations between FuelOnClick and the dealer or customer shall be governed and interpreted by Indian Law. The arbitrator appointed by FuelOnClick shall have the liberty to try disputes concerning the terms and conditions at New Delhi. You must prove that you are proficient, have carefully read the terms and conditions, understood them, and agreed to adhere to them.